Jessica Rayne Jessica Rayne – A jerk for old times sake

Jessica decides to hang out with one of her old boyfriends even though she has a new one. They go back to his room after a long day of hanging out and having fun. Once they are alone in his room he puts the moves on Jessica, but she isn’t having any of it. Jessica is loyal to her new boyfriend and tells him that she cant do anything. The desperate guy begs but Jessica continues to brush him off. Then finally Jessica says, “well, he didn’t say anything about my hands….I guess a handjob isn’t cheating”. Jess jerks his cock off with mad skills and then fucks his rock hard dick with her massive tits. When he’s finally ready to pop he unloads a massive wad of jizz on to Jessica’s face. The blast of hot cum nails her right in the fucking eye and she lets out a loud scream of shock. Now she has to go home to her little boyfriend with a pink eye.

 Jessica Rayne - A jerk for old times sake

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