Rachael Madori Gotta Take One For The Band

Katrina came in today feeling a little down. Her band was supposed to have a gig on Friday, but lost the venue. I planned on taking care of her in any way possible. She seemed pretty tense everywhere so I eased my way towards her upper thigh. She got pissed at me because I was too close to her pussy, so I backed off. Keeping the conversation in good standings, I let her know I had a buddy who owned a venue, and it just so happened it was free that Friday. She was reluctant at first, I needed to gain her trust. I let her know she looked like a good person and there was something we could definitely work out. I am going to get my dick sucked by a rock star! She couldn’t help herself but sit on my dick and ride the hell out of me. Well, at least it worked out for both of us! Win win situation, don’t you think?

Gotta Take One For The Band