Alura Jenson Alura Spreads the Word and Her Legs

So check this out, right across the street from where I live is a all boys, Christian school and once and while I do a little, you may say, pleasing to some of the guys over there, including one of the pastors. Well I got caught, and now I can’t go back to church there, I mean what’s the big deal? Fine, I’ll just go over to the college dorms! Oh did I mention, I also teach a class over at the college, and yes I still have my job, thank god, literally! Just as I’m talking on the phone, there is a knock at my door, and wouldn’t you know it, its one of the christian students, spreading the word of god! I don’t even need to go to the dorms today! Chad Diamond wants to spread the word? i have a couple words for him, watch and see!

Alura Spreads the Word and Her Legs