Alura Jenson Alura Jenson in Jovan Jordan Cums Over

I’m here at home alone, scantily dressed, bored and horny as hell! So I decide to call this hot guy I met at the local grocery store, Jovan, I’m a little embarrassed but fuck it! Well he does remember me, and that’s good thing! And another good thing is he would love to come over to my place! This should be fun! I can’t wait to see him again! After waiting for a bit and day dreaming about his body and his cock, my door bell finally rings, he has arrived Jovan Jordan is here! Well it doesn’t take me long at all to have his shirt off, he is dressed very well I might add, and his big fat cock out! Let the fun begin! I’m so glad he came over with his huge dick!

Alura Jenson in Jovan Jordan Cums Over