Alura Jenson Alura Jenson in Fuck Arrest with Brandie Mae

Ok today I’m here with special agent, Brandie Mae, she is packing a pistol and has this hotel room bugged with the latest state of the art surveillance equipment as well as a team of agents waiting downstairs! What we are going to do is arrest this piece of shit, Eric Pardee AKA Washing Machine (or something like that) by seducing him and luring him up to our room! That fuck actually beat up a Pornstar friend of ours, and we are going to get him arrested! After Brandie and I got busy on the bed Brandie actually loved fucking around with this loser, I didn’t see that coming! It all worked out in the end though, watch and see! I fucked around with Brandie, Brandie got fucked and so did Washing Machine!

Alura Jenson in Fuck Arrest with Brandie Mae