Alexis Adams Alexis Adams in Rodney Moore

Cutie Alexis Adams comes to Rodney’s advertising agency to apply for a spokesmodel position for a new product, the Miracle Waterer. He gives her some lines to try for the camera and she nails them. However, these commercials are mostly for late night male audiences so it might go over better if she’s topless. She’s a little reluctant to strip down but Rodney convinces her it’s for a good cause so she eventually agrees. When she pulls her dress off, Rodney can’t believe how amazing her huge, natural breasts are! He offers to guarantee her the spokesmodel position if she’ll let him touch those gorgeous ta-tas. It is for a good cause after all. She relents and not only does she let him grab a handful of boob, she drops to her knees and starts sucking his cock. She lets him lick her pretty pussy and doesn’t resist at all when he slides his stick inside her. Her big boobs bounce around as he bangs her hard. Then she sucks his cock some more, letting her slobber ooze down her breasts. Rodney pounds her pussy again and before long, hoses down her face in spunk.