Kat Marie Kat Marie – Don’t Cum In a Condom, Cum In Me

Ever been caught jerking off? It’s the worst. Total embarrassment and humiliation. Johnny Love finds himself in this situation with his hot stepmother Kat Marie, of all people. Plus he was trying a new technique and was using a condom! Johnny stammers his way through some excuses, but it doesn’t look like his stepmom is buying his bullshit. Instead, she tells Johnny to keep jerking his cock so she can watch. Johnny is surprised but motivated especially when his stepmom takes out her massive tits to encourage him. Johnny jerks for his stepmommy but that’s not enough for this horny MILF. She pulls off her stepson’s condom and uses her great big boobs to massage Johnny’s dick before sucking on it.

Kat Marie Don't Cum In a Condom, Cum In Me

Kat Marie Don’t Cum In a Condom, Cum In Me